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Pool Enclosures

What’s a warm summer without some fun in the sun? You might even be thinking of building a pool in your own backyard. Screen pool enclosures can be a valuable investment that will not only protect you, but will also extent the life of your pool.  No one likes a good time outdoors being interrupted by annoying mosquitoes. Those mosquitoes as well as other bugs can be kept out of a great party by a screen pool enclosure. You will be able to swim and entertain bug-free. Stay healthy! Having a screen pool enclosure will reduce the harmful UV rays that make contact with your skin and cause sunburn which could also lead to other health issues.

Who likes cleaning? With a screen pool enclosure, your pool will need less cleaning because most leaves, dirt and other debris will stay out – not to mention the little critters. This is also a great benefit because your filters and pumps will last longer.



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